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                                       THE GIANT

Here I am again with another story The Giant from the land of fantasy.

                                                THE GIANT

                                        THE MYSTICAL GIANT

Once upon a time a terrible giant lived in a huge forest. His name was Kimir. He lived in a huge palace with his wife Hidimba. Kimir was full of magical powers. With his magic he could do anything.


Every night the giant went into the forest and caught wild animals and brought them to his palace. In his palace he had a mystical garden. There the giant turned all those animals into trees. Whenever Hidimba needed an animal to cook, Kimir turned a tree back into the animal. He then killed it for his wife to cook. Hidimba was a beautiful cook.


She prepared delicious menu with those animals. Kimir ate till his tummy was full and then went off to sleep. Sometimes when Kimir brought a human being, Hidimba became very happy. She loved the soft and juicy human flesh. Kimir and Hidimba’s days passed happily in this way.


Hidimba had a hobby of collecting birds. She had huge cages with birds from different countries of the world in their garden. She spent hours sitting in front of those cages watching the birds. One day when Kimir returned home he could not see Hidimba anywhere in the palace. At last he found her sitting absent mindedly in front of those birds.


Kimir went up to Hidimba and asked her why she looked so sad. Hidimba said that she was very fond of birds. It was her hobby to collect birds and keep them in their garden. Hence, Kimir collected birds from all corners of the world and kept them in their garden. Hidimba amused herself watching the activities of those birds. That day her cousin giantess had paid a visit to their house when Kimir was away. She too saw Hidimba’s collection of birds. After seeing the birds, her cousin told her that her collection will remain incomplete without the bird of paradise.


Since then Hidimba is sad. She wanted to have the bird of paradise. So when Kimir returned back to his palace he found Hidimba in a sad mood. The giant loved his wife a lot. Hence, he could not bear to see her sad look. 


That day after lunch the giant went to his special room. In this room he performed all his magic. He did not allow anyone to enter into this room. He had a big magic mirror in this room. Kimir stood in front of that magic mirror and asked where he could get the bird of paradise. A scene of an island arose on the mirror. The island was full of huge trees from which red and golden cup shaped nests were hanging. He even saw rainbow coloured birds sitting on the nests and branches of those trees. Few birds were even flying around. On the mirror he saw now few words were appearing. He read the name, birds of paradise. Again he saw on the mirror it appeared Fire Island. Kimir now asked the mirror where this island was.  


Words again appeared on the mirror. It was on the other side of seven seas and thirteen rivers. The island was in the land of the ogres. Kimir was in deep thought. Giants and ogres are never in good terms. Hence, Kimir did not know how to fulfill Hidimba’s wish. Again on the other hand Kimir did not want to see Hidimba in a sad mood. He would do anything to see her happy, but going near the ogre land means inviting his danger. 


Suddenly a thought came to him. He again asked the mirror if he could get the bird anywhere near the forest. Now a change started to take place in the scenario of the mirror. A beautiful city arrived on the mirror. It was full of people. The mirror showed different parts of that city. At last came to the royal palace. The palace was very beautiful. In the garden of the palace Kimir saw a tree. On it was a red and golden cup shaped nest and inside that nest sat a rainbow coloured bird. It was the bird of paradise. Words again appeared on the mirror that the city was Roopnagar and it was on the eastern part of the forest where Kimir lived.


Kimir did not waste his time. He immediately took the form of a hawk and flew to Roopnagar. The giant saw the palace and flew to the garden. There he saw the bird of paradise. He held the bird in between his beaks and carried it back to his palace and gifted his wife. Hidimba was overjoyed on seeing the bird. She kept it in a special cage which Kimir had kept ready beforehand.


When Kimir had gone to the palace he had seen a glimpse of the princess. Her maids were dressing her up for her marriage. The princess was already very pretty. Dressed up as a bride she looked prettier. Kimir at once made up his mind to bring her to his palace. Hence, after giving Hidimba the bird the giant once again took the form of a hawk and flew back to Roopnagar. 


At Roopnagar everybody was happy at the wedding of their beloved princess. Prince Rudrakumar, with whom she would tie the knot, was also very brave and handsome. In the midst of the celebration, suddenly a huge hawk flew from nowhere and carried the princess away. Everyone was shocked. Rudrakumar took his sword, sat on his horse and said that he would not return without his princess. Saying this he left at once.  


Kimir brought the princess into the room where he performed all his magic. The giant turned her into a tiny living statue and then gifted her to Hidimba. Her joy knew no bound when she saw the pretty princess. She kept her on a table inside her bed room.


 Let’s see now what Rudrakumar was doing to get his princess back. He went straight to a cave where lived a very learned sage. He had great magical power. With his magic he saw everything. He told Rudrakumar to first go to the room in the giant’s palace where he performed all his magic. The sage said that the real magic of the giant was in the mirror. So the prince should first destroy the mirror. The giant would then become an ordinary giant and all his magic would also lose effect. Rudrakumar could kill him then very easily.  

Without delay Rudrakumar left for Kimir’s palace. Kimir and his wife were then in a deep sleep. Rudrakumar quietly sneaked into the palace and searched for the magic room. He found it too. There he saw the magic mirror. Without delay he struck it with his sword. The mirror broke into tiny pieces. With that broke all the magic. Kimir jumped up from his sleep and ran towards his magic room. He saw to his horror broken pieces of glass scattered all over the room. He saw a prince standing in front of him with a naked sword in his hand. Kimir was no less than an ordinary giant. Rudrakumar killed him and the giantess with his sword.


He freed all the people and returned to the kingdom with the princess where he married her.

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