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We see more and more people nowadays are dedicating their time in learning English as a second language. Even many countries of the world are including English in the school curriculum as a compulsory subject, so that children can learn the subject from a very young age. But now the question is why English and no other language is in so much demand in today’s world? The answer to this question is simple. Globalization has made it necessary to the world to have a common language for the medium of communication. Research says English is the official language of fifty three countries and spoken by around four hundred people across the globe. Hence, without any doubt we can say, it is the most common second language in the world. Even business meets are held around the world in English. Whether it is the field of science, aviation, tourism, diplomacy, or technology, is to speak of only a few, English can help you progress in life irrespective your profession or personal need. Having knowledge in English can give you opportunities to improve your career and meet people around the world. The importance of English globally can be perceived very well. Many international business meets are held in English. English courses are also taught in universities around the world. Tourists also find it as a common language for communication. Again a question may arise  —  why English only is given the importance of being treated as an international language. To find answer to this question to this question we need to recede back to the era of colonialism when the British Empire was at its peak. During the era of colonialism, the British rulers compelled the natives of those countries to speak English instead of their own mother tongue. This however is not the sole reason for English being treated as a global language. The origin of why English is accepted as a global language has a complicated origin, but the language has left an important mark on media, trade and business. English today is treated by all as an international language. With globalization all the countries of the world have come very close to each other. Be it an international business meet or a meeting between the diplomats of the states or any international sports meet or a cultural meet, a common language is needed for one to understand the other. Books of non-English writers are often translated into English to reach out to the readers of different countries of the world. Here also English plays a very beneficial role. It is because of English that we get an opportunity to know the great writers and poets of all four corners of the world and read their works. Not only do we read the great works of the writers and poets all around the world but also we can let people of other countries know the literary works of our own writers and poets. In case of films also we can not do without English. While watching a movie other than our mother tongue or the languages known to us, we seek the help of English. The English subtitles while watching a movie in a foreign language help us understand as well as enjoy it. Literary works as well as movies not only entertain us but also help us have a look at the cultural, social as well as political atmosphere of the countries they belong to. In case of sports also English comes to us as a benefactor. The scores written in English help us know the progress of the match. In case of cricket, football and such other team sports, the running commentaries prove very beneficial to enjoy the match. In case of other cultural events like musical plays, dance performances, theatres are enjoyed with the help of English in the background. Without the help of English, cultural events of one nation could not have been presented before another nation for them to understand, enjoy and appreciate. Every year we even have circuses of one nation visiting the other. This also will not have been possible without the English being accepted as a global language. Tourism is another important field which could not have flourished without English. In recent years tourism to foreign lands have increased a lot. And this has only been possible for the globalization of English as a second language. People of one nation can plan of touring to another foreign nation only when they are comfortable of communicating with the other. For this a common medium of language is very necessary. With English becoming an international language the barrier of communication problem is broken and tourism to foreign lands has increased. It has become much more easy for the tourists to make themselves comfortable and present their demands in hotels, shopping malls, cabs, and other places of worth visiting. Even for the host nation it has become easy with English to communication with the tourists. They can easily understand the demands and needs of the tourists and are able to fulfill them. They can also present their culture before the tourists through English. Many students every year take admissions in universities around the world. This again has been possible only through English. The students from any part of the world can pursue their courses in international universities of their choice. And this is possible after English is made the international language. Students can pursue their courses in English and even lectures are imparted in English. Students of different countries can communicate with each other as well as with the professors within the campus in English as a common language. With the advent of the multinational companies a good knowledge in English has also become very necessary. Knowing good English increases your chances of getting a well-paid job in your home country or abroad. With English being a common language for communication it is easy for you to interact with your colleagues and others in a country abroad. Having a good knowledge in English can also help you meet new people. English being the official language of fifty three countries and spoken by four hundred million people across the world is used as lingua franca (a mutually known language) by people all over the world. This means whether you are travelling in a bus in Cairo, or working in an office in Brazil, you can always have a conversation with people all over the world also ne. Internet surfing need a thorough knowledge in English since majority of the information are given in English. Hence, undoubtedly this era can be called an English Era.

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