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I am Anupriya  Ahmed, the mentor of the website englishliteratures.com . I welcome you to this wonderful site of English Language and Literature. I completed my schooling from Welland Gouldsmith School, Bowbazar. Since my school days I have a strong inclination towards the English Literature, which resulted in my pursuing the subject in my later days. I completed my Masters in English Literature and took up the profession of teaching. Teaching is my passion and I teach the subject in a reputed English medium school. I also extend guidance to many students from school level to graduation in an institution run by me. Being a teacher I have understood very well the basic problem faced by a non-English speaking student in dealing with the subject. The root cause of students avoiding the subject is   the fear residing in it. Before understanding the basic English grammar they start solving the exercises. The explanation they get in various study materials is not sufficient for them to get a thorough idea in the subject. A well qualified teacher according to me is not one who holds high educational degrees but one who can simplify the subject as per the merit of the students. I started approaching my students in a frank and friendly way to find out where lies their weaknesses and hence started thinking of different methods to make the subject easy and interesting for them. Whenever a new student comes to me and I ask them how much comfortable they are with the subject, I always see a shy face with a nervous smile on it. And the immediate answer I receive, “Ma’am, I feel scared!” I always used to tell them to speak in English to improve themselves in the subject. Reading English Newspapers, English story books, watching English news are all various options for improving the skill in the subject. But these again can improve the skill and not an option to learn the subject from its base. Hence, unless you learn the subject you can not be fearless about it and until you drive away your fear you can not master the subject. Many times I approached by people of various professions who want just to learn the basic grammar. Since I have seen the study materials available in the market are not always sufficient enough to provide adequate information to the students on a particular topic. I have prepared lessons on different topics of grammar in an unconventional way. Each topic has been dealt with in such a manner which can be grasped by very easily by any non-English speaking student. I have set  exercises covering the whole topic in detail to make each chapter interesting and easily memorizable. In case of Literature also I have given my utmost to make each prose and poem interesting. Each story and poem is discussed thoroughly. The themes, title, summary, symbolism and other literary devices are all discussed by me so that the students does not find it difficult to understand them. Important questions with answers also have been discussed by me on each and every story or poem. Explanations of important lines are also there. I have many mediocre students score good percentage in the examinations. I hope this is going to be helpful for many, since I am ready to take  up any challenge for the betterment of the learners.


My mission is to uproot the fear of English from the heart of each and every non-English speaking person. It does not matter whether the reader of my website is a student or pursuing a profession. Hence, I am here to help the learners build knowledge of the content and methods of English language and literature, and of course professional and creative writing. Curriculums followed by various boards as well as different universities. Besides imparting knowledge to its learners, I am also committed in imparting the cultural background of the British English, American English, Australian English and such other English literary works from different parts of the world. There will alsobe works of various non-English writers of India as well as from around the world either written in English or translated into English. It is also another mission of this website to help its readers enjoy the essence of those pieces of literature which has been written in language other than English. The site hence will provide the readers with beneficial information on English language and literature, as well as open wide to them a world of literary beauty in English Language. This website is about to work with its sole mission of eradicating the phobia for English from the hearts of the majority non-English speakers. English, which is an International language in the present time should appear before all as his or her own mother tongue. There should be no hesitation in speaking the language or writing it. It is not sufficient to declare English as an International language. To follow it literary as an International language one needs to be fluent while speaking and writing in it. And that will only be possible if the non-English speakers globally speak in the language, as if it is his or her mother tongue. Hence, I as the mentor of this website has taken a pledge to make this language easy, interesting and understandable, so that there remains no need to have any dread towards this language. Not only can they speak and write the language with fluency but also get sufficient knowledge about the English culture through the various literary works. Why only English culture, the culture of various other non-English speaking countries will also be known to each other. Globalization in its true sense after all.


It is the vision of this website to impart grammatically correct knowledge in English Language as well as Literature to the non-English speakers of the various non-English speaking countries of this world and doing so make English an International language in its true sense. I as the teacher or mentor of this website is constantly focussing on the various innovations to upgrade the site and have all requirements to accomplish the mission of eradicating the phobia for English language from all non-English speaking hearts. I believe that I am active and updated enough to experiment various methods which will help the followers of this website to tackle the subject more easily and fearlessly as they speak and write in their own mother tongue.