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Storyberries has a fable written by Dhiren Bal.


                                                  TUTU BHUTU

It was a hot summer afternoon. Bhutu, Chhana-Pana, Chaon-Maon, and their other friends were playing in the cool shade of a mango orchard. Some were swinging from the tree. Again some were playing blindfold. There were again others who were playing hide and seek behind the trees. It was summer vacation and schools were closed. So they all were having a fun time.


                                 A SUDDEN MISTAKE IN STORYBERRIES

Suddenly Bhutu pounced upon Chhana-Pana. He scratched them and bit them. All the rest of their friends came and saved Chhana-Pana from Bhutu. They all scolded him. What demonic behavior! Nobody will play with Bhutu if he is so wild-natured. Anyway, they bandaged Chhana-Pana’s wound.


                                                  A COMPLAIN

They all went and complained to Chhana-Pana’s mother. How ill-mannered is Bhutu! It’s true they are flesh-eaters but can’t his friends play securely with him? She went to Bhutu’s mother to complain about him. They both were friends.

Tutu Bhutu

                             A SCOLDING IN  STORYBERRIES

Bhutu’s mother on hearing everything scolded him. What a shame Bhutu! Belonging to a civilized family, what barbarous behavior you showed Bhutu!  Once your grandpa had torn a hen, other than that no member of this family ever touched raw flesh. Although people call us tiger’s aunt, we have left that habit long ago. Now we’re civilized like human beings.


                                                        AN ADVICE

Before going out in the evening Bhutu asked his mother to pardon him. He said, “Chaon-Maon tempted me to do that mom. Maon often eats chicks in this way. Chicks are very tasty.” Mother said, “They are uncivilized. Don’t mix with them. If you really want to eat fish and meat, catch a fish and bring it home. I’ll cook for you. Only savages eat raw flesh.”

tutu bhutu

                                FISHING EXPEDITION IN STORYBERRIES

The next day with a fishing rod Bhutu went to catch fish in the pond. A cane basket was in his hand. Along with him went Hansukhoka (a male duckling) carrying worms for bait. Bhutu’s mother warned him, “Be careful Bhutu. Don’t attack Hansukhoka. In that case, we have to leave this village.” Bhutu bit his tongue and said, “Never. Once I’ve made a mistake. Shall I repeat it again?”

tutu bhutu


After walking for a distance, Bhutu and Hansukhoka reached a big pond, named Sagar Dighi. Swarms of fish were swimming in the river. They selected a quiet corner but as they were about to sit someone screamed, “Go away!” Bhutu saw a crane-police wearing a red cap guarding the pond.

                                  CRANE-POLICE IN STORYBERRIES

Bhutu bravely said, “We’ll catch fish.” Crane-police lifted his baton and said, “Don’t you know this pond belongs


to the government. No one is allowed to catch fish here. Since morning I’ve caught three otters. They’ll be imprisoned for three years. Now you’ve come!”

                                    THE KINGFISHER

They quietly left the place and went to the eastern side. Sitting under a small date tree just as Bhutu opened the fishing rod, someone said, “No, no!” Bhutu saw a kingfisher sitting on a dry branch. The kingfisher said, “You must be from some other village. So you don’t know I’ve taken this pond on lease for two months for ten rupees. Fishing here – no, no!

tutu bhutu

                                     TUTU-BHULU IN STORYBERRIES

Bhutu and Hansukhoka now went towards the north. On reaching there, Bhutu first looked around, who knows if someone is on guard. Bhutu fixed the bait on the fishing tackle and waited patiently. But not even an aquatic insect touched it. Tutu-Bhulu were shouting and playing. Aren’t the fish feeling scared?

tutu bhutu

Tutu-Bhulu were jumping and bow-wowing. Hansukhoka explained them nicely so many times but they turned a deaf ear. Then at one time, they both rolled into the water. Hansukhoka was very angry. Tutu said, “Look, this is our playground. We play here every day. You’ll catch fish and have fun. Why should we sacrifice our playtime for that?” Bhutu said, “Ok if we catch a fish we’ll give you a share too. We don’t want to eat alone.” Tutu-Bhulu were happy hearing this. They went far away to play. Hansu-Bhutu were happy too.


                                      A QUIET PLACE IN STORYBERRIES

The place became quiet. The fishing line suddenly went deep inside the water. Immediately Bhutu started winding the fishing reel and pulled out a huge rohu fish. Hurray! What a big fish! They were so happy that they danced around the fish. Now they started to think about how to carry it home. Bhutu-Hansu’s house was quite far from there.

tutu bhutu
Bhutu caught a fish

Tutu-Bhulu’s house was near. So they quickly brought bamboo and rope from their house. They tied the fish to the bamboo with rope. Then four of them carried the bamboo on their shoulder to Bhutu’s house. On the way, Bhutu asked, “Will you take the share of raw fish, or, in the evening have dinner together with us?” Tutu said, “We’ll have dinner together.”

tutu bhutu
They carried the fish home

                                        A GRAND PARTY IN STORYBERRIES

The whole day Bhutu’s mother cooked so many items of fish. Bhutu and his friends will eat. Bhutu went thousand times to invite his friends. And he has so many friends – Chhana-Panas, Hansukhokas, Pank-Pank, Kath-Kutus, Tutu-Bhulu. So Bhutu is so happy today!

I Bhutu’s mother cooked whole day

                                       A RRAINY AFTERNOON IN STORYBERRIES

It started raining in the afternoon. Bhutu has to go and bring Tutu-Bhulu. Mother said, “let the rain stop, Bhutu. There’s still time for dinner.” But Bhutu said, “Dinner is not all mom. They’re my new friends. So I want to mix and play with them.” Hansu also followed Bhutu.

                                         A FLOWING STREAM

Bhutu is shocked to see the little stream that flowed below Tutu-Bhutu’s house. The water is upto the brim. It is impossible to cross it on foot. Even Tutu-Bhulu can’t. It’s good that Hansukhoka had come with Bhutu. Hansu swam and went to the other side to call Tutu-Bhulu. By then the rain had stopped.

tutu bhutu
The stream

Tutu-Bhulu too wondered how to cross the stream. Bhutu said, “You’re very lazy. Why don’t you make a culvert over the stream?

                                               A NEW CULVERT

The whole evening they played on the culvert. Hansu jumped from the culvert and showed many tricks. Bhutu said, “Tell your dad to border this culvert with bricks. It’ll become stronger.” Tutu-Bhutu said, “Sure! We never knew we can make a pool so easily. It’s becoming dark. Let’s go to your house Bhutu.”

tutu bhutu
They all playing on the culvert

                                     A LOVELY EVENING IN   STORYBERRIES

Bhutu’s father has lit a bright lamp in their hall. The room is full of light. Bhutu and his friends sat in a line and ate. His mother served them rice, lentils, and various non-veg dishes, and in the end dessert. Everyone enjoyed the dinner at Bhutu’s house.

Bhutu and his friends

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