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This lesson on composition or paragraph writing helps to develop writing skills.


Superstitions have a great effect on Science and Technology. Write a paragraph to bring out the truth of this statement. 


  The other day as I was surfing the channels in my television set I was compelled to stop at a particular news channel.

 A town somewhere in Rajasthan, India is believed to be the courtroom for evil spirits where they are tried and punished. People whom the doctors declare as mentally unfit are brought here by their relatives. The exorcists here term each and every people brought as under the grip of some evil spirit. So to cure them no medicine is given, rather those so-called spirits are punished vigorously. Their mode of punishment no doubt will make us go cold. Some are kept imprisoned until the evil spirits agree to leave them. While others are made to strike their heads on walls so that the evil spirits get hurt and leave their victims.

Again some are chained while others are made to lie down with a heavy stone placed on their chest. No doubt adverse results are common even leading to the death of many. But nothing can prevent these superstitious people from visiting that place. In today’s world where medical science and technology have improved so immensely, is it in any way logical to return back to the primitive world?


Although there is a gigantic development in the field of science and technology we still are unable to free ourselves from superstitions. Even today we hesitate to cross a road immediately after it is crossed by a snake or a cat. Crows and black cats are considered ominous. Immediately after a baby is born astrologers are consulted for making horoscopes.

It is not only India that is to be blamed for being superstitious. The whole world is somewhat more or less under the grip of superstition. Black magic, Voodooism, Witchcraft, Zombie and such are getting a stronghold on modern society gradually. Where is our logic gone? When on one hand we are looking forward to making living possible on the moon or on the mars, on the other hand we are receding back to the primitive age of darkness.

A stitch in time saves nine. Write a paragraph to bring out the truth of this statement.

It was during the middle of my previous session. I was in class VII then. I had not arranged my bookshelf for a long time. My mother had told me to arrange both my almirah and my desk during my puja vacation and I agreed.

When my vacation started my mother, once again reminded me. But I told her that first I shall finish my puja shopping since I did not get time to buy any dress because of the ongoing half-yearly examination. Anyway, the first few days of my vacation went by in shopping and planning about the five days of the festival. And then came the long-awaited Durga Puja. The five days passed by like the wink of an eye. Moreover, I had to do loads of holiday homework. And in this way came the Laxmi puja. And the next day reopened our school.


I promised my mother again about my Diwali break. Useless to say the Diwali break also came and passed by in the same manner. Now also I did not clear up the mess. This time I promised my mother to complete the work during the weekends. Again my regular lessons, and homework, and projects prevented me from doing so. And I left aside the task of cleaning up for the winter vacation. By now the table had reached a miserable state and the almirah was hardly in a condition to open.

The winter vacation arrived. The seven days of the vacation flew past in picnics and other outings. The school again reopened. In this way, my annual exams arrived. A week before the exam I was busy preparing my lessons. There was a reference maths book that I needed immediately. I started searching the book among the pile of books, notebooks, and other papers and magazines I have in my almirah and on my table. Then I understood I could not get it in that way. So I left my studies and against my will started arranging the table and the almirah.


It was quite a painstaking job. Both were in a deplorable state. I finished my work in the evening, exhausted mentally as well as physically. One whole day I had wasted before the exam. This certainly would not have happened had I completed the cleaning up immediately when my mother had advised me. The mess also was very less and the work also could have been completed within time.

I really should have kept in mind the proverb – A stitch in time saves nine.


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