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Errors are made very often in the use of prepositions. Here in this lesson I shall show you some very common errors we make while using prepositions and how to use these prepositions correctly.

Incorrect : She hindered me to meet my sister.

Correct : She hindered me from meeting my sister.


Incorrect : I prevented my brother to smoke cigar.

Correct : I prevented my brother from smoking cigar.


Incorrect : Stella persisted to attend the funeral.

Correct : Stella persisted in attending the funeral.


Incorrect : The Government prohibited hunters to kill animals in the forest.

Correct : The Government prohibited hunters from killing animals in the forest.


Incorrect : I could not succeed to win the dance competition.

Correct : I could not succeed in winning the dance competition.


Incorrect : He was accused to kill his wife.

Correct : He was accused of killing his wife.


Incorrect : I have no objection to stay with you.

Correct : I have no objection to staying with you.


Incorrect : We are fond to watch the tele serials.

Correct : We are fond of watching the tele serials.


Incorrect : My grandfather is good to tell stories.

Correct : My grandfather is good at telling stories.


Incorrect : He was charged to kidnap a child.

Correct : He was charged with kidnapping a child.


Incorrect : They are fined to exceed the speed limit.

Correct :  They are fined for exceeding the speed limit.


Incorrect : We are used to travel in a bus.

Correct : We are used to travelling in a bus.


Incorrect : Do you think to start a new business?

Correct : Do you think of starting a new business?


Incorrect : I am very sorry to disturb you.

Correct : I am very sorry for disturbing you.


Incorrect : I have no difficulty to teach you English.

Correct : I have no difficulty in teaching you English.


Incorrect : Are you interested to apply for the post?

Correct : Are you interested in applying for the post?


Incorrect : There is no point to blame others.

Correct : There is no point in blaming others.


Incorrect : Do you care to wait for me?

Correct : Do you care for waiting for me?


Incorrect : She is for study medicine.

Correct : She is for studying medicine.


Incorrect : We are against accept the proposal.

Correct : We are against accepting the proposal.


Incorrect : My friend gave up to practice law.

Correct : My friend gave up practicing law.


Incorrect : She kept to talk to her sisters.

Correct : She kept on talking to her sisters.


 Incorrect : She left off drink the milk.

Correct : She left off drinking the milk.


Incorrect : I put off write her a letter.

Correct : I put off writing her a letter.


Incorrect : Can you see to arrange the meeting?

Correct : Can you see about arranging the meeting?


Incorrect : He takes to smoke cigars.

Correct : He takes to smoking cigars.


Incorrect : They are accustomed to grow different kinds of trees.

Correct : They are accustomed to growing different types of trees.


Incorrect : My parents are always used to live in a village.

Correct : My parents are always used to living in a village.


Incorrect : They are addicted to read thrillers.

Correct : They are addicted to reading thrillers.


Incorrect : She is averse to watch television.

Correct : She is averse to watching television.


Incorrect : They assisted me to complete the work.

Correct : They assisted me in completing the work.


Incorrect : The custom to worship nature as god is common among the Hindus.

Correct : The custom of worshiping nature as god is common among the Hindus.


Incorrect : She excels to teach Mathematics.

Correct : She excels in teaching Mathematics.


Incorrect : He felt the humiliation to be insulted.

Correct : He felt the humiliation of being insulted.


Incorrect : I have no necessity to borrow money from others.

Correct : I have no necessity of borrowing money from others.


Incorrect : I have the privilege to speak on this occasion.

Correct : I have the privilege of speaking on this occasion.


Incorrect : She is tired to walk.

Correct : She is tired of walking.


Incorrect : She believes to work hard.

Correct : She believes in working hard.


Incorrect : We are desirous to visit America soon.

Correct : We are desirous of visiting America soon.


Incorrect : I have no excuse to delay the work.

Correct : I have no excuse for delaying the work.


Incorrect : She is intent to become a lawyer.

Correct : She is intent of becoming a lawyer.

Incorrect : Music has the power to console the human heart.

Correct : Music has the power of consoling the human heart.


Incorrect : She refrained to hurt me.

Correct : She refrained from hurting me.


Incorrect : We are bent to act in films.

Correct : We are bent on acting in films.


Incorrect : I had the chance to meet him in an interview.

Correct : I had the chance of meeting him in an interview.


Incorrect : He was disqualified to practise law.

Correct : He was disqualified from practising law.


Incorrect : He is an expert to sell goods.

Correct : He is an expert in selling goods.


Incorrect : I was justified to resign the job.

Correct : I was justified in resigning the job.


Incorrect : The practice to cheat others is a bad thing.

Correct : The practice of cheating others is a bad thing.


Incorrect :We are confident to achieve success.

Correct: We are confident of achieving success.


Incorrect : We have the duty to look after our old parents.

Correct : We have the duty of looking after our old parents.


Incorrect : I am very fortunate to have good children.

Correct : I am very fortunate in having good children.


Incorrect :She had the knack to teach young children.

Correct : She had the knack of teaching young children.


Incorrect : She had no pretext to refuse my help.

Correct : She had no pretext for refusing my help.


Incorrect : I have a great satisfaction to teach.

Correct : I have a great satisfaction in teaching.


Incorrect : You are right to reject the job.

Correct : You are right in rejecting the job.


Incorrect : I am fond to teach English.

Correct : I am fond of teaching English.

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